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 Shocking Truth


The Shocking Truth about 
Vitamin and Mineral Supplements 
Manufacturers Do NOT Want You to Know!


Your body is composed of over 10 trillion cells, most are replaced every 7 years. For new cells to be programmed properly by your DNA and for your cells to function correctly - your body requires an extensive array of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Some vitamins and amino acids are produced in the body. However, there are about 90 minerals, vitamins and amino acids referred to as "essential vitamins minerals and amino acids" which your body doesnot produce and thus it needs to get them from outside sources. (More properly they should be called "dietarily essentials" or "essential in diet.").

Since most of the foods we eat today severely lack these essential nutrients due to harsh manufacturing processes and thoroughly depleted soils, people in ever increasing numbers are relying on dietary supplements to get these vital nutrients. If you yourself consume nutritional supplements here is some important information you need to know about this $30 billion a year industry:


FACT: Many mineral supplements on the market today are not even assimilable bythe body.

Coral calcium, for example is a product that's sold on the market today as an easily assimilable mineral product:

Coral calcium is made of ionic (inorganic) minerals. Ted Morter, in his book Health and Wellness, explains: "Mineral kingdom inhabitants are inorganic materials such as rocks and sand and gold and iron. Objects in the mineral kingdom are made up of substances like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, silicon, manganese, and a vast assortment of other elements. Elements in this kingdom are held together by very strong bonds. The scientific terms for the strong, inorganic, mineral kingdom bonds are "electrovalent" or "ionic". You can consume inorganic minerals, but your body will either store them or eliminate them. We don't have the physiological capabilities of easily converting inorganic minerals into usable organic materials, but plants do. That's the beauty of plants as food....

....Plants can take minerals from the soil, break the strong bonds, and incorporate the minerals into their physical beings. The minerals we eat should come from the plant kingdom....Once the minerals become a part of the plant kingdom, the bonds are no longer strong; in fact, they become very weak....Our metabolic systems can use these plant minerals easily and effectively."

As you've read in the previous paragraph, ionic minerals are inorganic minerals and are not assimilated by your body because they have not been processed by plants. Unfortunately, the same is true for all other mineral supplements including the very popular ones known as "Colloidal" or "Liquid Minerals"; they all contain inorganic minerals not readily assimilable by the body.

FACT: Over 97% of all other nutritional supplements on the market today are synthetic, man-made and are not easily assimilable by your body, if at all.

Over 97% of all other nutritional supplements are made by man in scientific laboratories which immediately red flags an interference with nature. More so, many contain coal tars, artificial coloring, preservatives, sugar or other chemicals. Even the ones labeled"natural" are still processed in labs and contain megadoses of one or more isolated nutrients such as Vitamin C or E which arenever found alone in nature. Your body is NOT designed to digest isolated nutrients but rather to extract them from real food.

Research has shown that nutrient "families" work together to support and maintain good health. By not giving your body the "complete package," you are breaking this divine natural system and can cause deficiencies, imbalances or destructive side effects -- just like too much magnesium depletes calcium, or too much Vitamin C which depletes Vitamin B12. The truth is, in most cases, your body is flushing these supplements from your system without even absorbing them. Or worse, unnecessary deposits may build up in your tissues only to cause new problems.


FACT: The truth is not always easy to swallow, but as gruesome as it is, it's still easier to assimilate than 97% of all nutritional supplements on
the market.

It is a sad irony that so many people who get colonics (intestinal flushing) end up flushing pieces of undigested vitamins and mineral tablets that were stuck in their intestines for years. Not only that, but 95% of people surveyed who regularly consume supplements said that beyond richly colorful urine they do not particularly feel any significant lasting health benefits from their daily intake of vitamins and minerals. And just knowing the truth of what some supplement manufacturers use as source material for their products might be enough to induce nightmares as a side effect. 

What's the Solution? 
The human body is a miraculous living organism with the ability to grow, regulate, repair and defend itself when given the correct natural and full spectrum nutrients. The most nutrient-rich foods are wholefoods. That means, whole complete foods that contain no additives, preservatives or chemicals -- natural or organic foods in their original state the way Mother Nature intended.


And therefore, the most effective supplements are made exclusively from wholefood ingredients. Your body digests them as food. That is because wholefood supplements are simply wholefoods condensed into tablet or capsule form. They are NOT a chemical mixture, or isolated single elements like synthetic vitamins. Instead, they supply your body with a complete nutritional balance in the precise ratio and arrangement as found in nature. In addition, unlike "dead" synthetic vitamins, wholefood supplements are loaded with active, life-giving enzymes. 

Of course, the quality of wholefood supplements varies depending upon the selection raw ingredients used and the methods by which they are processed. 

FACT: Crystal Sweet Algae™ (Blue-Green Algae in its native crystal form) is the most powerful wholefood supplement known to man.

Crystal Sweet Algae was found to be a miraculously complete and powerful green wholefood, and in fact the one that has supported all life forms on planet Earth for millions of years. Not only is it super rich in chlorophyll which is known to be essential for many normal body functions but it's also nearly two thirds protein and contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids the body needs. In its native crystal form, it's the ideal cell food for the human body. It opens the nutritional gateway to the perfect health already programmed in your body's DNA.

And when it comes to quality: No other algae or green supplement compares to Crystal Sweet AlgaeThe degree of preservation of the raw material's original color and flavor indicates the quality of the drying process used. Crystal Sweet Algae Algae looks, tastes and feels dramatically different than any other greens, wholefoods or algae supplement on the market. You can actually SEE the difference -- the bright green shimmering crystals are observable to the naked eye. You can TASTE the difference -- it is naturally sweeter, not bitter like most processed greens, and you can FEEL the difference -- many people report dramatically increased energy and endurance, improved sex drive, better sleep, less fatigue, stronger immune system, better concentration, more positive attitude, nicer skin, stronger nails, greater sense of well being and much more.

Crystal Sweet Algae goes through a unique and far more delicate process than all other major brands of algae on the market (which are either spray dried or freeze-dried) and so maintains its full potency, protects its active enzymes and preserves its native
crystalline structure. It enters your body in the exact same form it came out of the earth. It's stronger, more bio available, more complete and provides your body with everything nature has to offer.

Give yourself a chance to achieve perfect health with nature's undeniably most powerful source of complete nutrition!


Crystal sweet Algae™ is distributed exclusively by Green Earth Naturals. Save even more and buy your Blue Green Algae by the Pound PLUS! (By the Pound is available in Capsules or Powder form.) 

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Excerpts from the Optimal Health Report,
A Review of the Latest Scientific Research,
Blue-Green Algae:
A Powerful Immune System Enhancer

Aphanizomenon flos-Aquae (The scientific term for this particular Blue-Green Algae, for short AFA) contains a complete range of vitamins, essential amino acids, and naturally chelated minerals. AFA is also an excellent source of vitamin B12, as well as Omega 3 fatty acids, which protects against heart disease and lowers triglycerides....

Recent studies conducted by researcher Dr. Kilmer McCully have found that a shortage of the B-Complex vitamins (B-12, B6, and folic acid, abundant in Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) can result in a build up of homocysteine, a compound that contributes to heart disease and cancer...

In recent double-blind cross-over study performed at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal (1998), it was discovered that eating this particular algae triggered the migration of 40% (nearly one billion) of the circulating Natural Killer cells from blood to tissue within 2 hours of consumption. Natural Killer cells (NK cells) play an important role in the immune system. They are mainly responsible for the detection and removal of "sick cells" (a term coined by Dr. Neil Solomon, senior editor of this publication) that are altered either due to viral infection or malignant transformation.... Many substances such as green tea and Ginkgo Biloba are known to improve the activity of NK cells. But until this recent finding on Blue-Green algae, no dietary substance was known to stimulate NK cells to migrate into the tissues to search and destroy "sick cells"....

The double-blind placebo-controlled study conducted by the Royal Victoria Hospital, affiliated with McGill University in Montreal, included 50 healthy participants. Results suggested that Blue-Green Algae may help stimulate the increased production of red blood cells, an effect that may be due to its high content of B12.

The same study suggested that eating Blue-Green Algae for a period of three months may also contribute to reducing cholesterol. In support of this, a recent study performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital, affiliated with Harvard University revealed that feeding Blue-Green Algae to rodents significantly decreased blood cholesterol levels....

Another placebo-controlled study performed in collaboration with the University of New Mexico suggests that eating Blue-Green Algae stimulates specific areas of the brain, lending support to the prolific reports of increased mental alertness associated with the consumption of this Blue-Green Algae....

Finally, a recent preliminary data from Boston University suggests that eating Blue-Green Algae may reverse symptoms of essential fatty acid deficiency, specifically omega-3. An essential fatty acid is one that cannot be manufactured by the body and needs to be taken in as a food or food supplement.... essential fatty acids are known among other things for their crucial role in the proper functioning of the immune system. Deficiency in essential fatty acids has been associated with cardiovascular disease... certain forms of cancer, arthritis, depression and skin problems.

This newly released data provides substantial information to explain the numerous benefits reported by people eating Blue-Green Algae. Ongoing research is being conducted to fully understand the effects of eating Blue-Green Algae on the human body. We now know that it may increase red blood cell production, reduce cholesterol, eliminate intestinal permeability, restore overall brain synchrony, and reverse essential fatty acid deficiency, as well as strengthen your immune system.

The day may be nearing when Blue-Green Algae will be as much a part of most people's
supplement arsenal as vitamin C.



"Good Health is
the recipe for wealth"

Yoruba (Southern Nigeria) Proverb

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