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 Your children and our products

Your children
and our products

You often ask which products and how much of each should be given to children. First, you have to keep in mind that no research or studies have been done on the subject, and since we are talking about food, common sense should prevail. Here are some guidelines:

Blue Green Algae: Start slowly and simply observe what effect each product is having on the child and then adjust for the proper consumption. Do not hesitate to give as little as one-half of a capsule if you feel that this is required. Remember that the Algae is a food.

Probiotics: Keep in mind that a healthy intestinal flora is imperative for children. If the capsules are too big to be swallowed, Probiotics can be sprinkled on cereals, on yogurt, or mixed with juice.

Although most children don't have problems with their digestion, taking food enzymes can help them to keep their digestive systems healthy for the future. You can give food enzymes to very young children. Actually, food enzymes are often shown to be effective in relieving colic in babies.

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