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 Why Enzymes are so vitally important to your health


Why Enzymes
are so vitally important
to your health

Enzyme are active substances found in every living organism. They help speed up chemical reactions by splitting apart or combining substances.

The word Enzyme comes from the Greek word "enzymas" which means "to ferment," or cause change." Enzymes take pieces of food that arrive in your stomach and "cause them to change" by breaking them down into the vital basic nutrients your body can absorb. These basic nutrients (not food in its original form) are what your body uses to build, maintain and repair all its parts and their functions.

There are really three types of enzymes: Metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes and food enzymes. Metabolic enzymes spark every process that happens in the cells of the body. Even lifting your finger requires metabolic enzyme activity. Digestive enzymes are enzymes secreted by the pancreas to break down the nutrients in the food you eat. And Food enzymes are enzymes supplied to us in the foods we eat.

An abundance of live and active enzymes in your food makes it possible for your body to FULLY break the food down into its basic nutrients. This allows your body to extract the maximum nutrition from your food. So with plenty of enzymes your body actually gets nourished, healthy and energized.

Without plenty of live and active enzymes in your food, your digestive system cannot extract enough nutrients from it. Instead, your body depletes its own enzymes reserve to break down the food. In addition, some of the food rots in your intestines and toxins are released into your blood stream. So without enough enzymes your body is left hungry, undernourished, without much energy and slowly deteriorating.

To make sure you always have plenty of enzyme activity with your food, try eating more raw fruits and vegetables including smoothies, fruit salads, vegetable salads with each meal etc., as cooked and processed food usually lack live and active enzymes (118 degrees of cooking temperature completely destroys all live enzymes.)

If you are eating an average American food (cooked and processed food) it probably does not contain enough enzymes. To help your body in this super important digestive process, it is vitally important that you add food enzymes to almost every meal you eat.

Enzymes help your body:
•Digest your food better
•Absorb the maximum nutrition from your food
Improve your body's elimination process.

The result is, enzymes can dramatically improve your overall health, and help you feel better and have more energy.

Enzymes actually have such a vast impact on your overall health and longevity. In his book, "Enzyme Nutrition." Dr. Edward Howell summarize that a large number of degenerative diseases are caused by excessive consumption of enzyme-deficient food.

To help you digest your food better, our super strong enzymes are not only formulated specifically for us by National Enzyme Company, but they are also enhanced with ginger, fennel and Blue-Green Algae, which makes them even more potent.

If you'd like to feel better after eating and take care of your overall health - than you should make it your #1 priority to add food enzymes to every meal you eat.

More information about our enzymes can be found on our product page. Take advantage of our Buy 2 – get 1 free sale.

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