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 Why Crystal Sweet Blue Green Algae is so nutrient rich

Why Blue Green Algae
is so nutrient rich

There are over 30,000 different kinds of algae, and amongst these is a unique freshwater edible type of algae documented by scientists as the simplest food on earth. Packed with virtually every vitamins, mineral and nutrient you need, Blue Green Algae is an incredibly powerful food source.

It all began thousands of years ago in the pacific northwest where a massive volcanic eruption occurred that covered a large area in the Cascade mountains with millions of tons of minerals. Over the centuries much of these minerals washed into Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon. Even today a network of streams and rivers annually deposits 50,000 tons of minerals-rich sediment into this clean and crystal clear lake. As one of the richest nutrient reserve in the world, the perfect environment was created for the abundant growth of this phenomenal algae.

This exceptional freshwater algae wasn't discovered until the 1970's although it had been growing in Klamath Lake for many years. It was then tried as human food and was found to be one of the best sources of nutrition. Just a few grams a day can make a remarkable difference in the way you feel.



Beautiful Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon
 where Blue Green Algae grows naturally

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