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Here are some
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and their answers:

If you have any question, please try to find the answer before calling us...


1.  Question:  Is Crystal Sweet Algae Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake?  What is the difference between your algae and other algae from Klamath lake?

Answer: Yes, it is Klamath Lake Organic Blue Green Algae.  It is also Kosher.  The difference is in the drying process.  Spray drying for example is a much much cheaper drying process, however it is not so beneficial. 

Our drying process is called Hydro-Dri and it is known to be the highest quality drying process which keeps the algae in tact and from which you get the most mutrients.

2.  Question:  Why is your algae called Crystal Sweet Algae?

Answer: Crystal sweet Algae is simply our name for Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake. 
We simply named ours Crystal Sweet Algae. 

Why we named it Crystal Sweet Algae? 

When you open our capsules you will see that our Blue Green Algae glitters, and when you taste it you will notice it is naturally and lightly sweet -- and that is why we named it Crystal Sweet Algae.

Also note – there is NOTHING added to the our algae, NOTHING – this is pure Blue Green Algae from Klamath Falls. We simply named it Crystal Sweet Algae.  What you get is the natural and pure Blue Green Algae from Klamath lake – with NOTHING added to it – Crystal Sweet  Algae is just our brand name.  (It is naturally sweeter, thus Crystal Sweet Algae!)


3.  Question:  Are you the old Cell Tech company or Simplexity?

Answer: No we are not, but more than half of our customers were once Cell Tech/Simplexity customers.  Some of our customers have been with us for 17 years!

4.  Question:  Are you a GPM (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant?

Answer: Yes, our harvesting facilities and product manufacturers are all GPM Compliant. 
This means that we follow all guidelines set forth by the Government's GPM!


5.  Question:  Is your algae tested, is it safe?

Answer:  Yes, our algae is tested and is safe.  Our algae harvesting is goverened by the agriculture department of the United States and is each batch is tested 5 different tests by an outside laboratory.

Rest assured that if it wasn't safe -- the US government would have not allowed any algae to be sold on the market.


5.  Question:  How long have you been in business?

Answer: We have been in business for 17 years and online!

6.  Question:  Do you sell wholesale?  Do you do private Labeling?

Answer:  Yes we do.  Please contact us if you are a reseller or a health practitionare interested in buying wholesale quantities or need private labeling.  Please inquire only if you are able to buy wholesale and not for private use.   We highly recommend that you try our products first.

If you need private labeling for other product you do not see on our website, please ask us.  We are able to help you purchase wholesale / private label in quantities of 48 bottles.  For some products we also make your labels so it's pretty easy to make your own brand and put your own name on your products.  Why sell other brands when you can sell yours?


7.  Question:  Is it better to buy the bulk capsules or the bulk powder?

Answer:  It is only your preference that matter.  There is really no difference in the algae.  What is in the capsules is the exact same powder that's in the loose powder bottles. 

Some people like capsules and some people like to mix the algae in drinks - so they like to buy the loose powder.

The capsules are Veggie caps so if you do prefer capsules, know that.  Plus, you can always open them and put them in your drink as it's a 2 part capsules.
8.  Question:  Is your algae also good for children, animals and pregnant women?

Answer:  Yes it is!  Children do really well on the algae and some parents report great results with ADD kids too. 

Animals do really well on the algae too.  We have lots of customers who feeds their dogs and cats and many feeds their horses too.

Many pregnat women eat the algae as it is food.  But it is recommended to consult your doctor with just about anything when you are pregnant.

9.  Question:  What is the nutritional composition of your algae?  And is there scientific research about the benefits of your algae?

Answer:   Please refer to the articles on the Vital Information page.


10.  Question:  Do I have to take any other vitamins if I take the Blue Green Algae?

Answer:  Basically Blue Green Algae is your most natural Multi-Vitamin on earth.  It gives you all the Essential Vitamin and Minerals the body needs incuding all the Essential Amino Acids.

But you can always add anything else you want. 

If you read the article "The Shocking Truth about Vitamins and Mineral Supplements Manufacturers Do Not Want You to Know" it will answer for you this question in great details!


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Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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