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 "Leading For Over 19 Years Online Specializing
   in Blue Green Algae from Klamath Lake!"


Buy Organic
"Crystal Sweet Algae"
Blue-Green Algae from 
Klamath Lake!
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save even more!

SAVE up to 50%
on Wild Organic 
Blue Green Algae 
from Klamath Lake!                Above is what the algae looks like!

Buy it cheaper, 
Hydro-Dri™ drying
(formally named Refractance Window™ drying!)

SAVE up to 50%
on Wild Organic 
Blue Green Algae 
from Klamath Lake and get 
one FREE bottle of CoQ10!
Buy it cheaper, 
Hydro-Dri™ drying
(formally named Refractance Window™ drying!)


Green Earth Naturals Crystal Sweet Algae capsules are Veggie Caps of either 500mg each, or 400mg, NOT 250mg – beware if comparing prices. We have the best quality(Crystal Algae, Hydro-Dri™ drying) and best prices! 
Some companies "Spray Dry" and sell cheap, but this kind of drying process heats the algae to 300 degrees and destoys all the good nutrients you need! Beware of cheap algae!!
BEWARE! Not all algaes on the market are the same. Find out below why our Crystal Algae is THE quality of Blue Green Algae you want! If you find real cheap Algae on the net, it's also real low quality you want to avoid!

Our Crystal Sweet Algae™ is the highest quality 100% organic pure Blue Green Algae (AFA – Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae) from Klamath Lake.
How do you know that? When you open our capsules you will see our Blue Green Algae glitters, and when you taste it you will notice that it is naturally sweeter, not so bitter like other greens - evidence of
its purity and superior quality! 


NOTE: While other companies charge for quality algae
as high as $380.00 per pound, we charge up to 50% less. 
And when we say quality, we mean that when comparing, 
compare to quality Blue Green Algae, because there are many Algae products on the market that cost less, but they were also dried using inferior drying processes thatdestroy the algae's nutrients and enzymatic activity. When you buy from us – you can actually SEE you are buying quality. And since we are working directly with the harvesters and no other middle-men - we pass on the savings to you and you pay up to 50% less!

Also note – there is NOTHING added to the our algae, NOTHING – this is pure Blue Green Algae from Klamath Falls. We simply named it Crystal Sweet Algae.  What you get is the natural and pure Blue Green Algae from Klamath lake – with NOTHING added to it – Crystal Sweet  Algae is just our brand name.
  (It is naturally sweeter, thus Crystal Sweet Algae!)



Buy Bulk Capsules or Loose Powder and save even more!


We are so confident in our products we back our products with
a 30-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
or you may return the products for your money back/full refund!"

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Europe and Asia!  
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"Thank you for such a wonderful product...
I am telling all my friends about it! My cats have it too.... "

Brenda Dickerson, Australia

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1 Q10 30 gelcaps!
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Q10:  Buy 2 Q10 - Get 1 FREE!


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You can trace every sickness,
every disease and every illness
to a mineral deficiency"

  Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize Winner, Twice.


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