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Probiotic Defense

Energy Proboitic Defense 
New and improved formula!

Green Earth Naturals
60 vegetarian capsules

Suggested use:  1 daily.

Our Probiotic formula includes:

5.06 Billion Organisms in Each Veggie cap:
Bacillus Subtillus: 1.32 billion
L. Rhmnosus: 680 Million
L. Casei: 680 Million
B. Longum: 680 Million
L. Acidophilus: 680 Million
L. Plantarum: 340 Million
B. Breve: 680 Million

Consider our super blend of 5.06 billion viable colonies of Probiotic cultures per serving to be your greatest and by far least expensive form of health insurance. What are Probiotics? Pro means FOR and Biotics means LIFE, probiotics means FOR LIFE and the term refers to the friendly (good) bacteria in your intestines.

While high-fat, high-sugar diets, tap water, caffeine, alcohol, antibiotics, preservatives, and even stress actively destroy your intestinal "friendly bacteria," Adding "friendly bacteria" to your diet helps replenish the good bacteria and keep your intestines healthy and clean. It also helps destroy yeast and enables your body to absorb the maximum nutrition from your food. Your entire balance of health and immune protection depends upon maintaining the correct internal environment of beneficial bacteria.

About 50 years ago people naturally ingested beneficial bacteria from soil and plant-based micro-organisms through their foods. However during the last few decades our soils have been sterilized with pesticides and herbicides which destroyed most of the beneficial bacteria, eradicating it from our diets and bodies as well. This lack of beneficial bacteria often results in weakened intestinal and immune system and directly contributes to many non-optimum health conditions. It is no accident then that intestinal and colon related ailments are one of the greatest area of medical concern in America today.

As you begin to incorporate high quality probiotics into your diet you may also begin to boost your immune system, increase your natural enzymatic activity, restore balance in the intestinal tract, enhance the absorption of nutrients, and foster longevity and a feeling of aliveness, as well as many other wonderful health benefits.

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