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Have you ever experienced cravings and found yourself wondering aimlessly through your kitchen and snacking a little bit of everything you can think of, only to continue searching for that "magic something" that will satisfy your hidden hunger? How about the uncontrollable urge for chocolate chip cookies-the kind of craving that causes you to eat half the dough before you've baked the cookies! Sounds familiar?

Craving have several explanations: a need for minerals or a need for specific nutrients. Cravings can also be due to food allergies, candidiasis, or PMS.

Getting rid of cravings means getting to the root cause of those strange food urges. It's recognizing that even though you are ravenously hungry for a whole quart of pistachio ice cream or both bags of pretzels in your cubboard, that isn't what your body needs biochemically. The chances are strong that it needs something very different.

Find what you crave and put into practice the recommendations for modifying your diet. And the next time you get one of those uncontrollable urges, reach for fruits and vegetables instead of junk food, and make a big glass of juice that will give your body something it really needs.

And if you don't want to take the time to juice, eat one to two grams of wild crafted blue green algae every day and you'll see that your cravings for sweets and chocolates, for salty foods, for ice, for peanut butter, or for sour foods diminish or disappear.

Why? Organic and wild crafted blue green algae is abundant in minerals and vitamins and these nutrients are easily assimilable by your body. For example, often a craving for sweets is caused by a deficiency of the mineral chromium. Also cravings for salty foods can be a sign for weakened adrenal glands and your need for organic sodium, potassium and magnesium. Wild crafted blue green algae is abundant with these minerals and trace elements.

Where did this information come from? Read Dr. Douglas Hunt's book: “No More Cravings.” In fact, Dr. Hunt helped his cravings for peanut butter by consuming kelp (also an algae) tablets. The wild crafted blue green algae is definitely a more nutrient abundant food than kelp.

One more wonderful nutrient in the wild crafted blue green algae;
chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is very helpful in reducing cravings, especially for sour foods.

Organic wild crafted blue green algea is a sure remedy for cravings, unless of course you happened to be pregnant.

“No More Cravings,” by Dr. Douglas Hunt.
“Juicing For Life,” by Cherie Calbom

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